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    Miami's Best "Car Wash" Services

    561 SW 8th Street (Corner of 8th St/6th Ave)

    2 Blocks West of I-95

    OPEN Daily at 8AM



    Start your day at our Auto Spa, we are the ONLY Full Service "One Stop" Shop for Luxury Cars in the Brickell Area....


    We offer complete INTERIOR Car Cleaning Services including Car Carpet Cleaning.

    Best Hand Car Wash Downtown Miami ...

    Just 2 BLOCKS West of I-95 at corner of 8th Street/6th Ave


    Open Daily at 8AM

    561 SW 8th Street - Miami, FL 33130


    "Full Service" Luxury Hand Car Wash


    Cars $25 - Mid Size $28 - SUV $30/35 - LIMO $40+

    - Hand Wash with PH Balanced Soap & Wool Mitts
    - Rims "Deep" Cleaned
    - Door Jambs Cleaned, Hand Dry Rims
    - Bug Removal as needed (Heavy Bugs may be a charge)
    - Clean ALL Interior Glass & Outside Glass
    - We ONLY Use Microfiber Towels on all Glass & Paint Finishes
    - Vacuum ALL areas of the Vehicle Interior & Trunk (Pet Hair may be a charge)
    - Rubber Mats are Pressure Cleaned

    - FREE Tire Shine
    - FREE Air Freshener (12 Scents to Select from)

    Miami Rim Repair, Coral Gables Rim Repair, Miami Beach Rim Repair and Curb Rash repair

    Repair Scratched Rims to look NEW the same day from $109+

    "Same Day" Appointments

    Call/Text Peyton 305-710-3336

    Downtown Miami and Brickell's ONLY Service Center to make Rims look NEW!


    Do you really want to trust your expensive rims to someone driving around in a old van? We offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY! We have been in the Brickell area for a long time and we have earned our reputation.


    Rim Repair Miami

    "A" Rated for Superior Service!

    Great Service, LIFETIME Warranty - What more can you ask for?

    Rims look NEW from $119+


    Nothing worse than spending good money only to find out later you got a "Shoddy" Job by someone you can't locate since they do NOT have a REAL LOCATION! We are just 2 BLOCKS WEST of I-95 at the corner of 8th Street & 6th Ave Downtown Miami in the Brickell Area.

    ONLY Microfiber Towels are used...

    See the difference...

    We FRESH Wash all towels!


    Almost ALL other Hand Car Washes use Chamois to dry your car which rubs in micro swirls into your paint. We use ONLY 100% Fresh Water Washed Microfiber Towels.


    Auto Detailing Service Miami

    Miami's Best Auto Detailing

    561 SW 8th Street (Corner of 8th St/6th Ave)

    2 Blocks West of I-95

    No appointment needed....

    Open 7 Days a week at 8AM



    You get 50% OFF Platinum #5 Exterior Detail Service

    OR $100 OFF Platinum #6 Full Detail Service

    If your Car arrives by 9:30am Any Day of the week!


    We are your "One Stop" Auto Spa for all Services.


    "Platinum" FULL Interior/Exterior Detailing Package

    Cars $269 - Mid Size $289 - SUV $319


    The following is INCLUDED:

    Full Hand Wash INCLUDED in this package


    Carpets & Mats:

    - Deep clean and deodorize ALL carpets and mats with hot shampoo extractor

    ***Heavy Pet hair additional $10-$29



    - Deep clean and deodorize with shampoo extractor seats, door panels, arm rests, head rests, between seats and all other fabric surfaces except rooftop headliners.



    - Deep clean leather to remove grime, blue jean stains (tan leathers) and light scuffs with a glycerin rich treatment and lint free microfiber towels

    - all areas are further treated with our premium conditioner or leather balm


    Plastic/Vinyl/Synthetic Surfaces:

    - Choice of a shiny gloss OR satin finish with UV protection added

    - Deep clean dash, console, vent grill, beverage holders, trim, kick panel and pedals

    - Door jamb rubber gaskets are cleaned and treated to restore moisture


    Clay Treatment (Paint & Glass Surfaces):

    - We hand rub all surfaces with 60 Gram aggressive clay to remove tree sap, pollutants, bug junk and other contaminants.


    Paintwork Enhancements (Paint Surfaces):

    - Machine buff with professional compound to smooth out al clear coat painted surfaces. Then we completely was the vehicle a 2nd time.

    - This also removes minor scratches & stains

    - After the above we polish all painted surfaces with our low speed buffers to prepare the paint for its final shiny protection application. Depending on the make of your vehicle we will use many top quality products such as 3M, Menzerna or Wolfgang.


    Final Shine & Sealant (Paint Surfaces):

    - Apply our premium polymer sealant

    - Hand rub body of vehicle with plush lint free microfiber towels


    Other Treatments Included:

    - Wheel wells are treated with "Shine Brite"

    - Gas-tank filling area treated with paint sealant

    - Polish all exterior chrome parts

    - Apply water repellent to all exterior glass surfaces

    - "Renew Shine" ALL vinyl, plastic and rubber body parts\bumper parts


  • Ultimate Paint Protection

    Gyeon Ceramic Car Protection

    "Exclusive" to Miami Auto Spa

    new car paint protection packages, ceramic car coating packages Miami

    Open 7 Days at 8am - Lifetime Warranty

    car rim repair Miami, wheel repair Miami, Curb rash rim repair Miami 33131

    Don't get ripped off by the Dealership!

    305-710-3336 - call/text Photo for quotes

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